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Created in 48 hours in Cambridge UK representing Canada at the Brains Eden 2014 gaming festival. You play as a squishy blog and have to collect all the switches to progress through all four levels.

Role: Programmer, Designer

Play Intersect
*Unity Player Required


Single player circular Pong game to defend the earth from the evil ball while collecting a high score. Break the bricks to complete a level or if the ball hits the earth 4 times, you lose the game.

Role: Creator, Designer, Programmer

Play Space Pong
*Flash Player Required


Created in 48 hour at Halifax Pop Explosion game jam. You play as an astraunaut on a ship and must find out what happened. Use your flash light to unlock different colored doors and read logs for more details.

Role: Programmer

Play Dementia
*Unity Player Required



Cadia Combat is a RTS, king of the kill defense game. Were you survive waves of enemies and level up your character.

 Role: Creator, Designer, Programmer

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